Favorite Eats in Orange Beach

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I am not a travel blogger by any means...but I do love food!

We go to Orange Beach twice a year and we are always trying to find new restaurants as well as going to our favorites. I wanted to share some of our favorites so that maybe they will become your new favorites!

  • Bate’s House of Turkey

This is a family tradition for us! Every time we are heading or coming home from the beach we are sure to stop by Bate’s. Their smoked turkey sandwich is my favorite and to be honest the only thing I’ve ever tried...this is a good place to stop and stretch out and get a good meal.

  • Buc-ee’s

This isn’t technically a restraunt...it’s a gas station that serves food. We didn’t stop to eat, just to see the largest gas station. And it was WORTH IT. The food looked amazing though I didn’t try it, my dad did and said their pork sandwich was fantastic! Also, their bathrooms are the cleanest you are going to find - another reason to stop.

  • Acme Oyster House

We stumbled across this place last year when looking for new places to eat. What attracted us to it were their Boo Fries! I could eat these boo fries every day! Everyone's meals have always been great from their 10 Napkin Sandwich, Oysters, Gumbo, and Crab Cakes. Be sure to stop by here!

These are the amazing Boo fries. 

This is the 10 Napkin Sandwich

  • The Ruby Slipper Cafe

We just discovered this restaurant this trip. We have passed by it a lot and honestly, the crowded parking lots have kept us away because normally we are hungry and don’t want to wait. I wish we had stopped and waited because this was my favorite breakfast ever. I still think about their candied bacon...it was delicious! I got their french toast and it was amazing! Everyone else with me also loved their meals...just not as much as me (:

  • The Yard Milkshake

This is such a fun place to go for dessert! I have been to places like this in my hometown and typically their looks are much better than the taste. This is not the case with The Yard. We got the Sea Turtle and as beautiful as it is it tasted way better! They also sell cups of ice cream if you are not feeling up to the huge milkshake. We will make this a must visit for each trip!

  • Cafe Beignet

My dad found this place years ago and we go every time now! It is such a fun and different breakfast. The beignets are made to order so they come to your table hot and delicious. They sale traditional beignets but also have pudding filled beignets. If you want something different for breakfast, be sure to make this stop.

Original Beignets


Pudding filled Beignets

These are just a few places that we love to go to! We are always looking for new places to try so let me know what your favorites are!

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